Welcome to Outdoor Allies!


The world was meant to be enjoyed in all its majesty. We at Outdoor Allies are your guides while you navigate the world of outdoor splendor. For over 30 years our team of outdoor specialists has been traveling the world looking for personal freedom through outdoor immersion.

Outdoor Allies provide high-quality patio covers, shade & shelter solution, motorized screens, and outdoor furniture. Our products and solutions are designed for feature and function while being built to last.

Outdoor Allies design, permit and install motorized roofing systems for both Residential and Commercial clients. We provide first rate design and construction services, from high-resolution renderings through engineering and final install. Our motorized roofs may be attached to your existing home or business, but may also be installed as a standalone unit. The choice is yours.

Our retractable screens pull down to provide sun and insect protection as well as natural ventilation or privacy. When not in use, our screens roll up neatly out of sight into a compact protective housing. 

Make your outdoor living space more enjoyable with your Outdoor Allies umbrellas, heaters, misters, fire features and much more!