Whether you want to protect your outdoor patio furniture from fading in the sun or shade your alfresco dining area year-round, there are many great reasons to invest in a durable umbrella. Patio umbrellas have come a long way from their early predecessors and are now readily available in a full spectrum of vibrant hues and functionalities. This is a pop of color you can enjoy no matter what the weather brings.

Our umbrellas come in a wide variety of chic designs and amenities. Go with a classic neutral color to complement any outdoor living area or liven up your patio’s palette with a bold yellow, red, blue, green or patterned canopy. You can also choose from different options such as:

Shapes: Square, rectangular, and circular styles
Sizes: Widths up to 13 feet
Tilt: Auto and push button features

Additionally, we carry patio umbrella accessories such as storage covers and bases. Some of our bases are available with weighted, wheeled, and lighting options.

OA Residential Umbrella
OA Overhang Umbrella
OA Adjustable Umbrella

Need to keep your customers or guests cool or warm? Our misters and heaters are available for any commercial or residential location.

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OA Propane Heaters
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OA Misters
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Whether it be on chilly days, to roast marshmallows or to wow your guests, fire tables are a great addition to your outdoor living space.